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While the first part of the beginners course deals with the fundamentals of the keyboard, note names, fingers etc, it isn't long before we're using pieces (or parts of them) to explore how it all goes together. Because the groups are small it's possible to cater more for individual aspirations. We have a selection of pieces that are simple to play, are expressive and contain the right ingredients for this part of the course. Beyond that though it's important to be aware of each student's preferences and to adjust the teaching to suit.

Many people who gave up learning piano did so because they couldn't relate to the music they were having to learn, it just didn't fit with their creativity.

For the beginners course much of the material is common to all music forms and styles, the aim is to get people started and enable them to develop. It's probably true that the most important part of the learning curve takes place after the ten weeks is up when the student, in their own time, puts their new skills into practice.

Express your dreams

In that first contact email tell us about the pieces, songs, compositions or styles you most want to play. We will seek to prepare that first step for you.

ars longa vita brevis

Because of the different design of this course you won't be expected to spend 10 weeks perfecting one, two or more pieces of music. That's simply too much of a grind and the specific aim of the course is to equip the student to continue developing after the ten weeks. We sometimes just dip into a piece of music to get familiar with a particular technique or style. Following the course advice and support is only an email away and there will be other courses to follow on or, for specific issues, individual lessons can be provided to get through lumpy bits or as a refresher.

If you have any questions or would like more info please contact us.